Jingle Bell Rocks

You probably heard about Jingle Bell Rocks, a documentary in the making about off-beat Christmas songs, the ones we're posting here for years. Santa Claus was a Black Man, Close your mouth (it's Christmas), etc. Film maker Mitchell Kezin needs your help, he needs money to finish his documentary. Go HERE to read more, to see an endorsement by the great John Waters, and how to donate. See HERE also.

Adam Bricks

Nice little ditty by Adam Bricks:

Los Campesinos!

Free download of a great X-mas track (the bells! the bells!) by Los Campesinos. Go HERE

Office Romance

Office Romance = Les Savy Fav’s Syd Butler and Seth Jabour, and Amy Carlson.

Robyn Hitchcock

Brilliant Captain Beefheart cover by Robyn Hitchcock, for one of the bestest Christmas comps of the year. Read more here. Spotify link here. Hat tip to SWO

Never Ending Beginning

21 tracks by indie-bands about Christmas, for free! My fave is Ormonde's Angels we have heard on high. Can't see the player? Go HERE (thx André)

Canadian Christmas

The 4th compilation of Canadian bands getting in the Christmas mood. I especially like Maylee Todd's sweet St Etienne-cover, and The Meek's Cricket Carols. Go HERE to listen, share and download for FREE

Elefant Christmas

This new track by the legendary Primitives is just one of a bunch of xmas choons from the great seasonal compilation by Spanish label Elefant Records. Go HERE for details (Links via Santas Working Overtime)

Funky Christmas mix

YES, this is what all ye funksters were waiting for, a brand spanking new Christmas mix by Dr Rubberfunk! Go HERE for more festive funk.

Olympic Cyclone Band

Maybe not a very festive band name, but their reworks of classic carols are AMAZING! Funky and hard-hitting. Check out this LOUD version of Come All Ye Faithful: Or this great Li'l Drummer Boy (see the video too!): More? Here!

Sarah Nixey

The most beautiful new Christmas song of this year? No contest. It's this one by former Black Box Recorder siren Sarah Nixey:
Download from here (right click, save as)

The First Ornaments of Christmas

The First Ornaments of Christmas is a live multimedia project from the brain/hand/pen/voice of Bentonville, AR Resident Bryce Napier and a surrounding group of artists. Defying easy categorization, the creators jokingly call it a Christmas-indie-classical-multimedia-rock-opera. In the live setting, the 11-piece band performs with narrative breaks between 11 songs. At the same time, animated footage plays on projectors overhead, illustrating the story being sung.

‘First Ornaments’ is a Christmas feast for the eyes and ears, helping viewers imagine the Christmas story like never before. Parents, children, art students, and music enthusiasts alike enjoy the beautifully-designed characters, the bright colors, and the imaginative sounds. The project was performed live 3 times in 2011 and 6 times in 2012.

The album features a studio recording of the entire production including music and narration.

More info here.

Surf School Dropouts

Great band name. Great Beach Boys-inspired Christmas song:

Cal Folger Day

If like a bit of southern drawl under the misteltoe, make way for Cal Folger Day and squaredance around the Christmas tree!

Starlings, TN

“I remember vividly thinking that dry socks, smokes, and a bottle of whiskey would be a hell of a Christmas gift.” says Steven Stubblefield, the man behind Austin’s Starlings, TN. Listen:

The Hush Now

Boston indie-trio The Hush Now made a song about something we can all relate to:

Free Swim

Paul Coltofeanu = Free Swim, and this is his really cool Christmas song. More Free Swim music here

Kishi Bashi

"Kishi Bashi is the pseudonym for violin virtuoso K Ishibashi. Having recorded, toured, and collaborated with diverse artists such as Regina Spektor, Sondre Lerche, and of Montreal, Kishi Bashi released his first full-length album "151a" in April 2012." So says this website. It was also the place where you could order this fantastic X-mas hymn on a snowflake shaped flexi disc (see clip), but alas, it's sold out :-(

Dubstep Christmas

Awesome: Want More? HERE

Foxtails Brigade

Last year, we posted 'I'm Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year' by Foxtails Brigade. From their album (stream/buy on Bandcamp) they made an X-mas themed video to accompany Unfairness Awareness

Soul Snatchers

FINALLY, a new funky Christmas choon, courtesy of one of Holland's finest funk combo's, The Soul Snatchers featuring Jimi Bellmartin. If you go HERE, you find a download link for the song (bottom of the page). It's actually the same band behind this great X-mas song, which was recently covered in Polish (!)

Exotic cheer and mischievous smirks

"A collection of your favorite Christmas songs, merrily reinterpreted with exotic cheer, unexpected instrumentations, and mischievous smirks". That's what Tribecastan offer on their Twisted Christmas EP.

In their own words: "On their first single, “God Rest Ye Three Kings,” Tribecastan takes us on a midnight joyride across the desert sands with a figgy pudding of hand drums, sitar, sarod, mandocello, brass and bulbul tarang. This tongue in cheek amalgam of yule tide spirit and holiday chutzpah is a change of pace from the standard seasonal-tunes of old."

The Twisted Chrismas EP is available on Bandcamp.

Christmas Is War

If anyone can tell me why these kids think Christmas is war, please do tell!
And if you can't wait to hear more black metal carols, go to www.erlosung.com and download the Christmas Ist Krieg album.

Ps: extensive listening will cause churchburning

A classic in the remix

Boys will be boys...

East 17 cover

The Boy I Used to Be covered East 17's seasonal choon Stay Another Day.

Twenty-six Hundred!

Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick made a Christmas album with ten (ok, one's a Chanukah song, so nine) Christmas tracks. Style-wise, they're swimming in the same pond as They Might Be Giants, Fountains of Wayne and Flight of the Conchords. Hear more here. See also this. 2600 is a song about a kid wanting an Atari 2600 really, REALLY bad.

Is Daddy Really Santa?

Olivia Ruiz

French star Olivia Ruiz just released a new album, featuring a Christmas song that's not really a Christmas song. Or is it?
Olivia Ruiz - Crazy Christmas

Hey, It's Christmas! Volume 3

The surfin' first track says it all, this is a compilation that needs to be championed on this blog! Volume I here, Volume II here

Allo Darlin'

British quartet Allo Darlin' made a really great seasonal EP. The titles seem un-Christmas-y, but listen to Only Dust Behind.

That Band From Holland

Yep, they're from Holland. And they make odd, but good X-mas tunes. This is their fourth seasonal album:

Day Joy

Have yourself a merry little dream pop style Christmas:

Laurence Made Me Cry

Love that bandname, love this fateful Christmas song:

JD McPherson

Thanks to Stubby for featuring this great r&b-tinged, Little Richard-esque Christmas stomper by JD McPherson. You gots to hear this:

French amour for Christmas

Born in Egypt and raised in the UK, Gillian Hills became a celebrity in France, as as similar looking yet better singer than Brigitte Bardot. This was a time when powerful men decided on the fate of starlets, and if French director Roger Vadim felt that Gillian resembled his ex-wife Brigitte Bardot, then it had to be true.

Gillian got a boost in popularity recently when American audiences discovered a cover version of her song 'Zou Bisou Bisou' on TV series Mad Men, Gillian's first single back in 1960.

Here's Gillian covering Bobby Helms' 'Jingle Bell Rock' in French, entitled 'La tête à l'envers', literally, 'My head upside down', which implies being dumbfounded by love.

Gillian Hills - La tête à l'envers